Militado Retro Watches -Competitive Price but Not a Quality Compromise

Militado Retro Watches -Competitive Price but Not a Quality Compromise

In the vibrant world of tribute timepieces, manufacturers drive inspiration from classical design and add there own creativity . While recently , we notice some debate between we Militado and some " B"  watches .

We completely understand as a  "freshman"  in homage watches , people still have some doubt with us , especially our price is so competitive .


With such good price , is it a junk piece? What kind of material it is made in , plastic or ? How about its movement ? The watch mirror ? And so on……

Here is our Statement :

Militado-An Exceptional Watch Brand Inspired by "Dirty Dozen "

Our brand foundation is inspired by the story of  "The Dirty Dozen " watch series , which happened during WWII rather than steal idea from any other tribute watch brand . That's why we mostly concentrate on military watch . Plus , our founder has 20 years experience in watch manufacturing .

Just like we are not agree with classism between luxury watch and tribute watch ,  the older brand shouldn't discriminate new microbrand in homage world . Cos the classic designs are there, they open for everyone . People should have the chance to get the enduring design at different price level .

Competitive Price but not a quality compromise

With over 20 years of watchmaking experience, Militado has a deep understanding of the craft. The brand's mission was clear: to offer consumers high-quality watches at more affordable prices by eliminating the middlemen. We put most of our effort in manufacturing and designing , rather than marketing or recruiting many distributors , so what you paid is the factory price .

As a result , our watch quality can be guaranteed even with lower price than most other watches :

1.The watch glass is Sapphire Crystal Clear AR Coating , no reflective ;

2.Our watch is made in 316L Stainless Steel , not plastic ;

3.Most watches are built in Japanese movement , like VH31,VK61, VD78,VK67,VK67……

In conclusion , you could definitely trust Militado watches , a brand provide high value watches with good craftsmanship and incredible price .

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