How to Make A Decision Between Mechanical and Quartz Watch

How to Make A Decision Between Mechanical and Quartz Watch

The world of watches is broadly divided into two main types based on their movements: mechanical (Tissot,Omega)and quartz ( Casio) . Understanding the differences between mechanical and quartz watches can help enthusiasts and buyers make informed decisions based on their preferences, lifestyle, and values. 

In recent years, many high-quality, niche affordable replica watches have emerged. They replicate classic mechanical and quartz watches, combining classic designs and superior craftsmanship with attractive prices, winning the affection of an increasing number of customers , like Watchdives , Steeldives, SaintMartin and Militado.  

How They Work:

Mechanical watches operate through a complex system of springs and gears.

Manual mechanical watches require regular winding by the user, whereas automatic watches wind themselves as a result of the wearer's natural wrist movements.

Quartz watches are powered by a battery that sends an electric signal through a small quartz crystal, vibrating consistently at a high frequency, which powers the movement of the watch hands.


Longevity: With proper maintenance, mechanical watches can last for generations, making them heirloom pieces. Quartz movements are less susceptible to environmental factors like temperature and position changes, making them more reliable for day-to-day wear.


Accuracy: While high-quality mechanical movements can be very accurate, they are generally less precise than quartz movements, losing or gaining a few seconds a day. Quartz watches are highly accurate, usually only gaining or losing a few seconds per month.


Maintenance: Requires regular servicing every few years to clean, lubricate, and possibly repair its mechanical parts. Beyond battery changes every few years, quartz watches require minimal maintenance.


Investment vs. Practicality: Mechanical watches, especially from prestigious brands, can serve as investments and collector's items. Quartz watches are seen as more practical for everyday use.

Or you could choose the above mentioned homage watches brand (Watchdives , Steeldives, SaintMartin and Militado) , their watch price can make the decision more easier .

Ultimately, whether you choose a mechanical or quartz watch, both types offer unique advantages and the joy of owning a timepiece that suits your personal style and needs.



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