Militado-An Exceptional Watch Brand Inspired by "Dirty Dozen "

Militado-An Exceptional Watch Brand Inspired by "Dirty Dozen "

About Dirty Dozen

To trace the origins of "The Dirty Dozen" ,  one must go back to the early days of WWII, when the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) issued military watches to the British armed forces. However, the MoD believed that civilian watches did not meet the requirements of the battlefield. Therefore, they created their own Army Trade Pattern (ATP) for the watch dial design, which was extensively used during WWII, and also adopted by the Royal Air Force (RAF). To achieve the best functional performance, the British military commissioned 12 of the finest Swiss manufacturers to produce these watches . However, it's worth noting that today, among thousands of military watch collectors, fewer than 20 can boast a complete, unaltered original set of "THE DIRTY DOZEN." 

At this time, many military watch collectors turned their attention to the replica watch market, hoping to find such "luxury" alternatives here, also the price to avoid break the bank.

And then we launched our watch brand-- Militado .

With over 20 years of watchmaking experience, the founder has a deep understanding of the craft. The brand's mission was clear: to offer consumers high-quality watches at more affordable prices by eliminating the middlemen. We have great passion in Military watches and we firmly believed that everyone should have the opportunity to own a refined, reliable, and uniquely designed watch without having to pay excessively.


ML01: Militado 36mm Classic Modern VD78 Quartz Watch

Movement:  Japan VD78 Quartz(2 hand movement (hour/minute) with 1 indicator)

Watch mirror: Sapphire Crystal, AR Coating

ML02: Militado 36mm Khaki Field Military Watch

Movement:  Sweep second VH31 Movement

Watch mirror: domed sapphire crystal


Militado D12: Militado 36mm D12 Quartz Vintage Field Watch

Movement:  Japan VD78 Movement

Watch mirror: Sapphire Crystal, AR Coating

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