About Us

Militado specialized in classic and innovated wrist watch series and watch accessories. Our founder had a passion for adventure, minimalism, and military style. With a love for exploring the world and a watch always on his wrist, he noticed a gap in the market for a reliable timepiece that embodied his spirit. He created a simple, rugged, and stylish watch that pays tribute to classic military designs.

Story of Militado Watch Brand:

The story behind the Militado watch brand is one fueled by the dreams and passion of a Chinese entrepreneur with extensive watchmaking experience.With over 20 years of watchmaking experience, the founder has a deep understanding of the craft. The founder had previously worked as an OEM manufacturer for niche watch brands overseas. However, he realized that these brands often came with exorbitant price tags due to brand premium and the markups imposed by intermediaries, making it difficult for consumers to access high-quality timepieces.

Driven by the desire to change this status quo, the founder decided to establish his own watch brand - Militado. The brand's mission was clear: to offer consumers high-quality watches at more affordable prices by eliminating the middlemen. He firmly believed that everyone should have the opportunity to own a refined, reliable, and uniquely designed watch without having to pay excessively.

The founder of Militado understood the importance of craftsmanship in watchmaking. Therefore, he carefully assembled a team of experienced professionals to ensure that every timepiece met the highest quality standards. Attention to detail was paramount in the design process, with a focus on creating sleek and fashionable aesthetics using premium materials that would result in durable watches.

With its focus on offering affordable luxury, Militado has gained recognition among watch enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of quality and cost-effectiveness. As a Chinese boutique watch brand, Militado continues to captivate the market with its unique approach and commitment to delivering high-quality products directly to consumers.


It's perfect for any adventure on land, at sea, or in the air.