Militado 36mm Khaki Field Watch ML07 :  A Simple Copy or an Upgrade?

Militado 36mm Khaki Field Watch ML07 : A Simple Copy or an Upgrade?

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As we all know, Militado’s 38mm Khaki Field Watch has achieved tremendous success. People love this watch for its exceptional value for money. Priced under 50 USD, it features a VH31 movement and sapphire crystal. Now, Militado has launched a 36mm Khaki Field Watch. Is this simply a copy of the ML05 with just a size change, or is it a new, upgraded military watch designed to meet user needs?

About the Movement: The new ML07 continues to use the same movement as the ML05, the highly popular VH31 sweeping second movement. It offers accuracy comparable to mechanical watches, with minimal deviation.

About the Watch Size: The ML07 has a case diameter of 36mm and a lug-to-lug distance of 43.75mm. The smaller size is complemented by the watch’s thickness, which is just 10.1mm (including the glass). The smaller size and ultra-thin thickness provide enhanced comfort, especially for those with smaller wrists.

About the Crystal: Notably, the 36mm Khaki Field Watch features a bubble crystal design, exuding a strong retro charm. Made from K1 Crystal High Clear AR Coating material, it may not be as tough as the widely praised sapphire crystal, but it offers excellent clarity and sufficient daily durability. This is perhaps the only compromise Militado made in the design of this watch.

About the Lume: Considering that Field Watches are often used outdoors and require visibility at night, Militado has significantly upgraded the lume of this watch. It uses Super C3 Green Light and has enhanced brightness, with full lume on the dial, hands, and markers. Seeing the actual watch, you would be surprised at how outstanding the lume is on this watch.

About the Price: This new watch is priced at 59 USD, with a 10 USD discount for the first week, bringing it down to 49 USD.

For 59 USD, you get a VH31 movement, bubble crystal, Super C3 full lume, 316L sandblasted coating case, and K1 Crystal High Clear AR Coating. It’s clear that Militado has nailed the value-for-money aspect with this watch. If you’re considering a practical and stylish Field Watch, Militado’s 36mm Khaki Field Watch won’t disappoint.

Here are some detailed specifications of the ML07:

Watch Specification:
Model: Militado ML07
Movement: Japan VH31 Sweeping Second Movement
Case material : 316L sandblasted coating 
Glass: Bubble K1 Crystal High Clear AR Coating
Dial Color: Vintage Matte Black/ General Black
Luminous: Super C3 Green Light, Dial, Hands and Markers
Crown: Push-Pull Crown
Case Back: Screw-down Case Back, Brushed Process
Water Resistant: 10Bar=100 meters
Watch Dimension
Case: 36mm in diameter
Lug to Lug 43.75mm
Thickness 10.1 mm(including glass)


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