Why the ML06 Militado 38mm NH35 Automatic Watch is the Best BB58 Homage Choice

Why the ML06 Militado 38mm NH35 Automatic Watch is the Best BB58 Homage Choice

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For many watch enthusiasts, the allure of the Tudor Black Bay 58 (BB58) is undeniable. This iconic dive watch has captured hearts worldwide with its classic design and superior craftsmanship. However, its price tag of $4,000 to $5,000 puts it out of reach for many. This gap in the market has not gone unnoticed, and several homage watch manufacturers have stepped in to fill it. Brands like San Martin, Pagani, Steeldive, Watchdives have all offered their takes on this beloved design. Now, Militado published the ML06, their first automatic watch, as a tribute to the BB58. Here’s why it stands out as the best homage choice.


Classic Design

The Militado ML06 draws its inspiration directly from the Tudor BB58, a design that has consistently been a favorite among watch aficionados. The ML06 captures the essence of the BB58, offering the same vintage appeal and robust functionality at a fraction of the cost. By focusing on this iconic design, Militado aims to provide enthusiasts with a more accessible option without compromising on style or quality.


More Than Just a Simple Homage

The Militado BB58 Retro Watch is not just a mere replica; it represents an upgrade in quality compared with others . It features the renowned NH35 movement, known for its reliability and durability. This choice of movement ensures that the ML06 performs exceptionally well, offering accurate timekeeping and a long lifespan.

Key Upgrades and Features

Militado has made several thoughtful upgrades based on feedback from watch enthusiasts:


  1. Matte Ceramic Bezel with Full Luminous Markers: The ML06’s ceramic bezel is not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional,with high craftsmanship teeth andfeaturing Super-LumiNova C3 for brighter ,longer-lasting luminescence.
  2. Enhanced Polishing Techniques: The ML06 boasts superior polishing craftsmanship, resulting in a smoother, more luxurious finish that can be seen in detailed close-up photos.
  3. Upgraded Rivet Bracelet with Adjustable Safety Clasp: This high-quality bracelet provides both elegance and functionality, offering better craftsmanship compared to standard clasps.

Sapphire Crystal: The ML06 features a sapphire crystal, known for its scratch resistance and durability, ensuring the watch remains clear and pristine over time.

  1. Affordable Price : Despite these upgrades, the Militado ML06 remains incredibly affordable. With an introductory price of $119 USD , it offers exceptional value for an automatic watch of such high craftsmanship. This makes the ML06 a practical choice for those who appreciate fine watchmaking but are mindful of their budget.



Militado, as an emerging homage watch brand, has already gained recognition for its high quality and competitive pricing. The ML06 is set to further establish the brand’s reputation, demonstrating that Militado excels not only in military and quartz watches but also in automatic timepieces.


For those who love the design of the BB58 but are looking for a more accessible option, the Militado ML06 is an excellent choice. It offers a blend of classic design, upgraded quality, and affordability that is hard to beat.


Militado 38mm NH35 Automatic BB58 Retro Watch ML06

Watch Specification:

Model: Militado : BB58 ML06

Movement: Japan NH35 Movement

Case material : 316L

Glass:  Domed Sapphire Crystal, High Clear AR Coating

Bezel: Matte Ceramic Black Or Grey

Dial Color: Vintage Matte Black/ General Black/ Vintage Black with date Window

Luminous: Super C3 Green Light, Dial, Hands and Markers

Crown: Screw-down Crown,  

Case Back: Screw-down Case Back, Brushed Process

Strap/Band: Width 20mm * 16 mm Rivet bracelet

Clasp: Adjustable Safty Clasp

Water Resistant: 20Bar=200 meters

Watch Dimension

Case 38mm in diameter

Lug to Lug 46mm

Thickness 13 mm(including glass)

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