A Real Review Blog for ML05 38mm Sapphire Crystal Field Watch : From  Watch Enthusiast

A Real Review Blog for ML05 38mm Sapphire Crystal Field Watch : From Watch Enthusiast

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Since released , the Militado ML05 gained much attention from vintage military watch lovers , with good quality and competive price , this watch is definitely an unbrain model . Let's check what our real buyers said about it :

Review1 quote from Reddit buyer :https://www.reddit.com/r/ChineseWatches/comments/1bz5z1j/militado_38mm_field_watch_a_review/

Content: Just got my watch in-hand today so I thought I'd post a little something for anyone considering this piece. I guess I'm officially an affordable field watch reviewer now - if you'd like to take a more in-depth look at the RDUNAE 34mm I've got an overview of that one posted on here a couple months back.

Now, the Militado ML05

With this watch you're getting exactly what is advertised. The dimensions all check out. The crystal is indeed sapphire with AR coating, albeit not the thickest of coatings in the world. Genuine VH31A movement. No unexpected surprises here, which in the world of hyper-affordable watches, I would consider a good thing.

A couple quick moans and niggles up front here before I hit the highlights. The included NATO strap; It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. (sorry) Not great, but I didn't expect it to be so. I could kind of tell what I would be working with from the pictures in the listing. Not a huge deal though, I mean who doesn't have a box or drawer of dozens of extra straps? If you don't then maybe consider picking up one or two when you purchase this watch. Additionally, the lume leaves much to be desired. I've included a freshly charged lume-shot but after fewer than five minutes there was none left to be picked up on camera. Again, same as the strap, this was to be expected based on the photos and my experience with similar watches in the price bracket.

The fine bead blasted case finish appears rather consistent overall and feels silky smooth to the touch. The angle of the gently domed crystal matches up to the slope of the bezel very nicely which is excellent attention to detail in the design of this watch. I also think the laser etched "MILITADO" logo on the caseback is quite well done. I have no earthly idea why they would spend the extra time and production cost on the caseback for a watch at this price point but it's great to see.

The one feature that stands out the most to me and the feature that separates this watch from most other field watches on the market is the screw-down crown. The threads on this puppy are smooth, and I mean SMOOTH! I've had many a $200+ dive watch with crunchy threads on the crown tube that are nearly impossible to catch when attempting to screw in the crown. Not so in this case. Excellent excellent job here, guys. So refreshing to see this area not get skimped on. Keep in mind I might have been gifted a golden sample, there could be some out there which are not as perfect as the one I received. YMMV

To my mind the ML05 most directly competes with the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical as the dimensions and specs are almost identical. Sure you're not getting a Swiss mechanical movement here but you do forgo the daily hand winding and gain the extra water resistance of a threaded crown. I can say this watch wears almost identically to my KFM with the only difference being about 1mm height. On wrist this difference is functionally nonexistant. If you've been eyeing a Hamilton for the aesthetic and don't care about provenance, the Militado is a prefect substitute at 1/10 the cost.


If you want a Hamilton that you're not afraid to beat up or get wet, buy this watch. Heck, buy a couple. Also maybe get a more comfortable strap with it.

r/ChineseWatches - Militado 38mm Field Watch - A Review

Review2 quote from Reddit buyer 

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChineseWatches/comments/1c8xjs0/militado_ml05_38mm_watch_vh31_unbeatable_at_45/

Militado ML05 38mm Watch (VH31) - Unbeatable at $45

Picked up the first batch with the ⬆️ logo (which I love) - even without this I think this watch beats the recent barrage of similar pieces.

The 38mm case size will fit most wrists and the sand-blasted case finishing is flawless. Super light (with the VH31) - very pleased with this one.

Conversely - sold the previous 36mm (photo included afterwards for comparison) as it just didn't feel as well-finished as this.

r/ChineseWatches - Militado ML05 38mm Watch (VH31) - Unbeatable at $45


Review3  quote from reddit : 
Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChineseWatches/comments/1cg2vzq/militado_ml05_review_is_live/


Hey everyone!

My quick review of the Militado ML05 is live on my YT channel.


  • This watch is basically a Khaki field, but with a quartz movement

  • The quartz movement is the VH31 which has the nice sweeping second hand

  • Build quality is very good

  • Sapphire crystal

  • Screwed-down crown


  • Strap is “plastic-y” and not very comfortable

Some people complained that the broad arrow is meant for the UK government “property” and this is based on a watch that was issued for the US military. Well Militado now offers the watch with a sterile dial option.

Hope you enjoy the review. Cheers!

r/ChineseWatches - Militado ML05 review is live

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